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  • What is Genesys? Genesys is a leading provider of customer experience and contact center solutions, enabling efficient communication between businesses and their customers. Their suite of solutions includes a sophisticated IVR platform that enhances customer service by automating routine interactions and offering self-service options. A Genesys developer specializes in designing, implementing, and maintaining custom IVR solutions on the Genesys platform. Their responsibilities involve developing custom call flows, scripting applications using programming languages like J2EE, .NET, and integrating the IVR system with relevant databases and applications. By constantly testing, troubleshooting, and analyzing system performance, Genesys developers ensure enhanced user experience and increased efficiency.
  • Some key features of Genesys IVR include:
    • Natural Language Understanding: This feature allows the IVR system to understand and respond to spoken language, enabling more intuitive interactions with users.
    • Voice Biometrics: Voice biometrics provides an additional layer of security by identifying callers based on their unique voice characteristics.
    • Omnichannel Routing: Genesys IVR supports routing across multiple communication channels, ensuring seamless customer experience irrespective of their chosen mode of interaction.
  • A Genesys developer can significantly enhance your business's communication capabilities by creating and optimizing Genesys IVR systems tailored to your needs. By designing intuitive call flows, scripting customized applications, and ensuring seamless integration with existing databases and infrastructure, Genesys developers elevate the customer experience and boost efficiency. Their expertise in Genesys technology enables your business to handle increased call volumes, reduce wait times, and provide effective self-service options, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and a competitive edge in the market.
  • With Next Idea Tech's Nearshore Software Development Services, we help clients hire pre-vetted Genesys developers. Our developers are experts in Genesys and can cater to the specific needs of your organization.

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Remote work is now the norm. The option to hire IT resources across the country or the entire world has been around for years. However, given the demand, cost, and challenges of team management, companies find it difficult to establish a distributed team. Next Idea Tech uses a proven process to attract, vet, and place well qualified IT professionals. We are founded by developers for developers!

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Why limit yourself to regional resources? We especialize in hiring developers from Latin America and other worldwide locations. Nearshore developers are just as skilled as local developers. By hiring globally, you gain access to a bigger talent pool.

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Our five step process is a proven framework for success. We test the interpersonal skills, English proficiency, and coding expertise of all candidates.

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  • Hiring Genesys Developers
  • Hiring Genesys Developers
  • Key skills to look for in a Genesys developer

Hiring Genesys Developers

Genesys developers are specialists in the Genesys platform, a comprehensive suite of contact center solutions. They have expertise in creating, implementing, and maintaining custom solutions for various industries.

Genesys developers typically possess expertise in relevant programming languages such as J2EE, .NET, REST APIs, and integration technologies. They also have a deep understanding of the features and limitations of the Genesys platform. Experience with specific modules, like Genesys PureEngage or PureConnect, is often essential.

Hiring a Genesys developer requires understanding these specific skills and finding a candidate who has demonstrated proficiency in them.

Unsure about what to look for in a Genesys developer candidate? With years of experience in technical recruiting, we understand exactly what skills to review and questions to ask! Here are the key qualities to look for in a Genesys developer. If the IT professional is proficient in these areas, they’re most likely qualified for the position.

1. Proficiency in Genesys tools and platforms

  • Genesys PureEngage
  • Genesys PureConnect
  • Genesys Cloud

Because Genesys technology encompasses various facets of customer experience and contact center operations, Genesys developers should possess excellent communication skills. This allows them to effectively collaborate with other members of the development team and progress on projects at a swift pace.

2. Proficiency in using and integrating Genesys APIs

  • Genesys REST API
  • Genesys Widgets API
  • Genesys Web Services and Applications API

Genesys APIs are crucial tools that Genesys developers use to create custom integrations and applications. Proficiency in using and integrating these APIs is essential for a Genesys developer. This includes Genesys REST API for integration with other services, Genesys Widgets API for customizing the user interface, and Genesys Web Services and Applications API for web-based applications. Excellent communication skills are also important in this context as they enable the developer to effectively collaborate with other team members and stakeholders in planning and implementing these integrations.

Questions we always ask when hiring Genesys developers

As staff augmentation service providers, we want you to be kept in the loop of every step we take towards finding the perfect developers for your team. Because of this, we are sharing with you a few of the questions that every Genesys developers should know how to answer. This will help you vet the candidate yourself and asses their knowledge!

Can you describe a specific project where you implemented a Genesys solution?

How do you ensure the systems you develop are user-friendly and intuitive?

What strategies do you use to stay updated with the latest Genesys updates and features?

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