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Our assessment tool creates an ideal setup for testing a developer as it is based on an extensible and customizable platform. Using this tool, we can fully measure a candidate's ability.

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How we find great developers

The problem with the typical technical interview process is that it doesn't give a complete view of what a candidate can do, nor where she is weak, or lacking in ability. Typically, when you are looking for a good developer or software engineer, you want someone who has excellent technical skills and writes clean code.

    Typical concerns when assessing a developer:

  • How can I identify a good developer?
  • And, even if she can accomplish a test task, how can I determine if she will perform well within a work environment?
  • Will she be able to interact in a team in a collaborative and efficient manner?

All these questions and more plague sourcing firms that are creating partnerships with companies to provide skilled resources. The only way to answer these questions is to actually test a candidate's ability to perform in an environment that is as near to the expected working environment as possible, working on real problems, and having a need to collaborate.

Developer Vetting Done Right

A typical technical interview may be based around "whiteboarding", or some sort of online testing or development game. Most assessment tools do not provide a realistic environment to test a candidate and do not support different technology stacks.

During a typical technical assessment, how can you measure her ability in full-stack application development including DevOps, particularly if you are simply discussing her planned approach or giving her a pen-and-paper problem to "solve"?

Even if they can develop efficiently, some very good programmers cannot communicate effectively. Do you want to test their development ability or ability to communicate?

There is no single ideal solution to every problem. We shouldn't expect a candidate for full-stack development to necessarily perform well on a written test. We need to test a candidate full-stack developer performing full-stack development. In other words, how well does she perform in an environment that is as close to the expected reality as possible. For that, you need a full-stack development assessment environment.

One approach that has been tried is to use tools like CodinGame, Codility, and CoderPad. Unfortunately, these tools limit what can be assessed during the assessment process and don't realistically represent a real-world situation into which successful candidates will be placed – unless she is working in a company which has gamified its development processes.

The Next Idea Difference

The Next Idea Tech approach is a holistic process: we assess the candidate's ability across multiple axes, not just her ability to write code. The assessment environment of Next Idea Tech is based around a full-stack development environment in which a candidate can truly deliver full-stack development: front-to-back.

    The full-stack development assessment environment supports the same functionality as what developers will actually use in a real work situation:

  • Design
  • Collaboration
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • DevOps
  • Testing

Besides, the assessment environment allows developers to work in the way that she normally would, for example, demonstrating that she can effectively reuse existing packages and correctly integrate them into her work. In addition, the environment supports several technology stacks and language choices.

The Next Idea Tech full-stack development assessment environment allows a candidate to work unconstrained: she has access to all of the tools that she would in her own development environment, as well as the ability for her to install any additional tools that she needs. This allows the assessment to be done across all aspects of development: front-end, APIs, back-end, database, as well as DevOps tooling.

Next Idea Tech has built collaboration directly into the approach with predefined tasks and a variety of features. The assessment environment is designed for full-stack application development, but can be tailored to assess other types of development. In addition, it addresses all aspects of full-stack from front to back including front-end layers, APIs, business logic, and persistent storage such as databases and files. It supports several different technology stacks, such as LAMP, WAMP, JAM, MEAN, and MERN, and language choices such as PHP, Ruby, Javascript, React, and Angular.

This allows us to assess how the candidate is addressing the problem. Is she starting from the front-end, from the back-end, from the data side, from the business side, API first, holistically, or chaotically?

The Next Idea Tech assessment environment allows sharing so that the candidate can demonstrate working in a collaborative space. She can install tools and frameworks within the assessment environment as she sees fit. She has access to code repositories for use in the assessment so that she can show efficiency and reuse existing solutions as we would expect her to in a real-work situation.

Real World Technical Assessment

The Next Idea Tech assessment environment is built on a Cloud-based IDE. It simulates the development environment that a developer would use in a real-world work experience. It includes emulators to run code on a browser or a device. It is based on well-known development tools and leverages tools from market-leaders.

The environment allows easy compiling and serving of files so that a developer can get immediate feedback from her work. The assessment tool is based on an extensible and customizable platform which has allowed Next Idea Tech to create an ideal setup for assessments. Our full-stack development assessment environment allows expert-driven assessments.

How this helps you

Other assessment platforms do not allow a candidate to have easy access to a runtime environment, so it is difficult or challenging for assessors to score the results. These platforms were decoupled from reality and did not allow access to files, services, or databases, nor the ability for a candidate to install packages or libraries.

The Next Idea Tech assessment tool is a cloud-based, integrated development environment that we have extended and customized specifically for technical assessments of candidate full-stack developers. In addition, she has the ability to make further specific adjustments to the environment as she wishes, so she is not limited to what we propose but can extend to suit her.

    The obvious advantage is the multi-facet view this provides us:

  • A candidate can demonstrate her general knowledge of how to be effective in a real-world work environment.
  • If a candidate is reinventing the wheel, then this is likely a sign that she has not considered how she might reuse existing packages.
  • If a candidate is writing code before making a design, then we can expect that she is someone who jumps in before thinking about how to solve the complete problem.
  • Is she challenged when it comes to collaboration and integrating with others?
  • Basically, this will allow us to recognize the candidate's strengths and weaknesses.

What makes us different

The Next Idea Tech assessment allows us to fully measure a candidate's ability for the specific work that is expected of her. Full-stack developer candidates can be measured on their ability to work truly full-stack from front-to-back, rather than concentrating on a single speciality area that they might have.

Similarly, a focused assessment for back-end or front-end developers can be made that does not assume that she is capable of full-stack work. A developer can be measured versus her expected skill set as well as her ability to work within a team in a collaborative environment.

Why Next Idea Tech?

Next Idea Tech's Nearshore Development Services are powered by our assessment model helps us find the "needle in a haystack" regardless of what type of needle you need, while separating the wheat from the chaff. With this assessment capability, Next Tech Idea is poised to revolutionize how we search for and select developers. We'd welcome the chance to prove how this can transform your organization with the associated gains in efficiency and productivity.

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