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We offer more than just a job

Our mission is to create a work environment that our team can refer to as their second “virtual” home. We know that remote employment has its challenges, especially during a global pandemic. Because of this, we strive to break down those barriers by offering some of the most competitive benefit packages in the market.

Paid time off

We allow employees to take a break, enjoy vacations, or fulfill personal responsibilities by providing them with paid leaves.

Career advancement services

We want our developers to keep growing, so we offer them free access to learning tools like Pluralsight. We also organize a hackathon week where our imagination runs wild to come up with innovative ideas.

Retention and referral benefits

We increase productivity, improve morale and client experience, and reduce costs by providing retention and referral benefits to all of our developers.


We reward our employees for their hard work and dedication by giving them year-end-bonuses.

Discounts and freebies

These include: ISP bill, food delivery vouchers by Rappi/PedidosYa/DoorDash/Grubhub.

English lessons

Learning never stops. Our team members love to take advantage of free English lessons to advance their careers.

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Got questions about Next Idea Tech or Nearshore development Services?

What is Nearshore Software Development?

Nearshore software development is a model where companies delegate their software development activities to resources in nearby countries with similar time zones and cultural values - primarily US companies partnering with resources in Latin and Central America.

What are the benefits of hiring a nearshore developer?

With a Nearshore provider you get access to pre-vetted developers with high English fluency, shared cultural values and similar time zones. This eliminates any delays or misunderstandings due to language differences.

Where are nearshore developers mainly located?

The top nearshore locations for US-based businesses are Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia to name a few. We work with remote developers from other locations as well and have an article series on our blog all about nearshoring to Latin America. Be sure to check it out!

How is Next Idea Tech different from other platforms?

From sourcing relevant talent using our AI enriched database, technical interviews to managing payroll and NDA compliance, Next Idea is a one-stop solution for expanding your team with ready-to-hire talent. We are led by a team of veteran software engineers and IT professionals - we understand the developers mindset. By partnering with us you gain access to pre-vetted talent that’s ready to make a difference.

Do remote nearshore developers speak English?

Yes! Our developers speak fluent English.

What languages and skills can you help me with?

Our network of professionals includes Back end, front end developers across different languages; .NET, React, Python, Node.js, JavaScript, Azure, AWS and more.

How do you vet developers?

We work with a large network of vetted IT professionals in Latin America. Our vetting process includes an initial call to get a better grasp of their profile, an English profiency interview, and a live coding assesment.

Do you perform background checks?

To ensure the safety of your investment and peace of mind, we conduct a background check on all hires, this includes identity and criminal history checks.

How can I hire the perfect developer for my team?

After providing your job description, our team will meet with you to understand your technical needs and workpalce culture. We then match you with pre-vetted developers that best fit your role

How long does it take to hire a remote developer?

Next Idea Tech works with a large network of deverlops. Our clients usually receive a shortlist of developers within 3-5 days of reviewing your job description. Once a decision is made, your new hire will be ready to onboard within days.

Are there any upfront costs?

No! You don’t pay until we find your NEXT best hire.

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